Solo Show ‘19
photo documentation by Antoine Midant @ CalArts Mint Gallery

This is the manifestation of archived memories and objects, or memorable objects that are viewed mostly as ceramic vessels that hold a space. The creation of ceramic vessels that start out as raw material, clay, that holds the imprint of physical pressure and skill to continue building shape. Passing a trait down, or inheriting a skill, preserving a memory, or giving value. It allows an expansion of the original idea to be processed further and to transform its original idea or way of thinking. This collaborative show is to document the relationship of father/daughter art making and conversations of logistics and importance of craft and material. All reinforcing this homage that an offspring has to ones elder, or calling it a cultural inheritance.

Within the “grout lines,” takes place the emotional range between the placement of tiles forming a whole being and the individuality of one tile. Which tiles are allowed being framed as a separate entity to capture site specific value, family afairs and ritual reference. Ceramic tiles representing a physical foundation of support, parallel to the ground providing a system of squares that form a table. A linear repetition of process entered through iterations of foods is apart of the narrative of bonding and understanding the steps of making.

Co-Authored by Anais & Hideo Franco

Los Angeles, CA
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